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The Scientific Library of St. Petersburg State University is one of the oldest and largest university libraries in Russia. It also serves a monument of the national enlightenment, science and culture. By the richness and variety of its stacks it ranks among the most prominent libraries in the world. According to the University Charter the Scientific Library, as well as the faculties and research institutes, is one of the main structural department of the St. Petersburg State University.

The central stacks of the university library are situated in the main building of St. Petersburg University, the Twelve Collegiums, which is monument of St. Petersburg architecture of the eighteenth century constructed by Domenico Trezzini. The library was accommodated in this building in 1891 on a total floor space of 3900 sq. meters.

It stock runs to 6, 7 million copies and near 1,5 million titles. The library collection is divided between basic scientific stock and libraries of the University faculties. Library includes Central Scientific library and 19 faculty departments It has near 65 thousand current users; more the 43 thousand of them are students. The personnel of SPU Library numbers 330 persons.

During the past decade, developments in university library are heavily influenced by new information and computer technology. Since March 1995 library has created the electronic catalogue, which is now available via Internet. Since 1997 Library has got Internet access and library home page http://www.lib.pu.ru One of the most important directions of the Library Strategic Plan is the creation and development of the Electronic Library of St Petersburg State University. Today one of the important features of the present-day library community is development of library consortiums. St. Petersburg State University is member of National Electronic Information Consortium (NEICON) and Association of Regional Library Consortiums (ARBICON).

The most valuable in respect of its historical and cultural importance part of the collection is accumulated in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department. The collection of rare books and manuscripts numbers about one thousand Slavic and Western-European manuscripts and more than 50 thousand rare books.

The Scientific Library of St. Petersburg State University is the scientific-methodological (regional) center for the university academic libraries of the Northwest region of Russia (70 libraries). It consults, holds seminars and conferences and organizes apprenticeship for the library managers and staff on different issues of library practice. The Scientific Library of St. Petersburg University carries out the work on forming and using information resources for university community within the frame of national and international programs and projects. The Scientific Library is an active member of professional library associations:

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